Let’s Talk About Cheating

On your diet that is. Often the hardest part of our diets are the fact that we feel so restricted. There are so many wonderful foods out there, and that just makes it that much harder. With that being said, is it okay to cheat on your diet, or will it derail all your hard work. Well, when it comes to diet there is a lot of science that is involved so let’s get down to it.

When you diet it inevitably will affect your natural hormone levels will be affected. Have you ever noticed that when you diet or have a calorie deficit for an extended period you steam to stop losing weight? I know that I have, and this is why. The main cause is a hormone called Leptin. Leptin is a master hormone that is produced in our fat cells and regulated our Thyroid. Before we go any further, what is the Thyroid? The Thyroid is a gland in our neck that secretes T3 & T4 to assist with our metabolism. For more info on the Thyroid Click this link. 

Okay, so back to Leptin. As I mentioned earlier, Leptin is produced in our fat cells. Since it produced in these cells it will be higher in people with higher levels of body fat. This is why when you are overweight, weight tends to come off at a rapid pace when you first start dieting and exercising. However, when you stay in a calorie your body will eventually stop burning fat. Leptin is also referred to as the anti-starvation hormone for this reason. Our bodies have adapted over the ages to keep us alive. When there are times of famine our Leptin slows down the production of our T3 and T4 to keep fat on our bodies to survive.

Now that we know why we are having a hard time getting those pounds off after the first few months of dieting, how do we counteract it? Have a cheat day. Eat pizza or go get a burger and fries. You can even have some ice cream. The trick is to keep your calories down during the week. I would also suggest keeping your carb intake down while trying to lose weight. Your body will be primed to burn extra fat after the cheat meal. When you have the extra carbs from a cheat meal, for one it is a mental relief from the dieting. More importantly, it will kick your Leptin in to gear which will cause your Thyroid to start producing T3 & T4 at a repaid rate, and will in turn burn more fat prepping your body to start dieting again the next day and keep the fat burning process going.

Remember, have fun while you are on this journey. Don’t overthink it. Just work hard, eat right and cheat once a week. If you have any questions feel free to email me. Also you can follow me on Instagram, join my Facebook group and sign up for my fitness emails. The emails are a new things that I just started and they include recipes, fitness advice and more to assist you on your journey.keep working hard and make 2017 your best year yet!!



Author: adamdelgadofitness

I'm just a regular guy who likes to help people achieve their goals. I'm not a professional yet, but I have learned several things about life and fitness through trial and error. I am currently working on my NASM personal trainer certification with a specialization in nutrition. I'll also begin online coaching once I become certified. If you have fitness or nutrition questions don't hesitate to ask. If I don't have the answer I will find one for you.

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